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It can be hard for advisers to know how to help small business clients with their mental health and wellbeing, while also looking after their own.

Running a small business can be challenging, and with so much to handle, mental health and wellbeing often takes a backseat. In fact, one in three small business owners report high levels of psychological distress.

When small business owners are struggling, they often turn to business advisers, who are well positioned to recognise the stressors that can impact negatively on mental health and wellbeing.

Mental wellbeing: support yourself and small businesses is a free, four-part learning course designed to improve mental health and wellbeing literacy, and educate advisers about how to have an empathetic conversation with small business owners they know.

The course covers four key areas:

  • An introduction to mental health and how to recognise when someone needs support
  • How advisers can look after their own wellbeing in the workplace and at home
  • How to have a conversation with a small business owner you are worried about
  • How advisers can proactively support small business owners.
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