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How do you identify when your business is at risk of or exposed to a cyber-attack? Is it even important for you – after all you’re a small business, nobody’s interested in you!

Presented by our specialist digital business advisor – Hugh McKellar and guest presenter – Sasha Hajenko of Blue Phoenix Systems, this 1-hour webinar on Cyber Security essentials is designed to help protect your business from ever-evolving online threats.

We will cover simple tips and procedures that any business can implement without the needing to be an IT expert.

You will learn:

• Why unique passwords matters and how to manage them

• How to spot a phishing Email scam

• The ASD Essential 8

• Why multifactor authentication matters

• How to protect information with Hard Drive Encryption

At the end of the session you will be able to:

• Develop a password management strategy

• Identify processes for dealing with scam emails

Talk through Essential 8 and the benefits each item provides

• Enable and manage multifactor authentication

• Enable hard drive encryption

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