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Covid has brought unprecedented impacts for small business, changing the dynamics of consumer behaviour, and business interactions.

In this essential webinar we look at the critical areas you need to focus on to regain control of your business and survive in this new environment.

How has your industry changed? How do you respond to changing customer needs? What are the new opportunities? What will your business look like in 6 months? How will you reprogram and rebuild your own physical and mental stamina, and personal resilience in this radical new setting?

You will gain:

• Understanding of changing consumer dynamics to reimagine your business and remain relevant in the new economy

• Clarity around the critical areas of focus to survive in the Covid environment (with a 7 Step Rebuild Famework to record your actions)

• Understanding of how your mindset impacts your day to day activities, performance and self-belief.

At the completion of the session you will leave with:

• A key actions framework to confidently move forward in terms of customers, cash flow, new opportunities and self-maintenance

• Steps to reconnect and build customer engagement, and build and/or maximise your online business profile

• First steps in becoming self-aware, understanding your needs, strengths and your motivational catalysts

PLUS – the opportunity of FREE one on one consultations with Lynda and Robyn to translate the learnings into game-changing tactics and actionable steps.

A one-to-one follow up meeting is available to assist you further and embed the ideas/principles of the session. Please contact SRBEC assist@srbec.com.au to connect with your local business advisor.

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